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iGuess | Integrating GIS Use in Education in Several Subjects
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Integrating GIS Use in Education in Several Subjects
iGuess2 is a EU-funded project that aims at developing a teacher training course to promote GIS and instruct teachers in using it. Using GIS in class or in an extracurricular way will produce new, innovative approaches of teaching.

After the successful first iGuess project (2008-2010) and three fully booked international iGuess courses (Geel/Brussels 2010, Athens 2011, Dublin 2012), software developments meant the time is right for an important update of the course materials. On October the 1st 2012, iGuess partners launched the project’s sequel: iGuess2. iGuess2 updates the course materials for the most recent software version available (ArcGIS 10.1), as well as introducing the Web application ArcGIS Online and the integration of freely available data in GIS.

Lots of people use GIS applications daily, like car navigation systems, interactive maps on the internet,.. yet GIS learning in Europe is lagging behind. Progress could be made if we initiate continent-wide educational programs. Not only do we need more GIS-trained people, teachers also need to become aware of the advantages of GIS.

iGuess aims getting the stakeholders to work together, disseminating GIS skills by sharing ideas and best practices in learning about the use of GIS. The course will contain methodologies, guidelines, good practices and exercises for using GIS in the classroom practice. In addition, links to content will be available on the iGuess website.
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